Law of Attraction Training & Hypnosis Program

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The Law of Attraction (LOA) has been around for thousands of years but it went viral when the movie (and best selling book) was released in 2008 - but the Secret didn't tell you WHAT TO DO!. 

However, this Law of Attraction Program provides you with many powerful tools - and the LOA rules, which must be applied to help you create the positive results and the success you want to experience in life. 

  • 5 x Powerful Guided Hypnosis MP3 Recordings
  • Law Of Attraction Video Training Modules
  • 7 x Law Of Attraction E-Books
  • Law Of Attraction Rules
  • Law Of Attraction Exercises

About This Programme

This powerful LOA Guided Hypnosis Program has been created by Graham J Stuart, clinical hypnotherapist, and is based on the process used successfully in my 1-2-1 coaching and hypnotherapy sessions.

Remember, Law of attraction is always working and by listening to recordings on a regular basis you will be able to focus on attracting more of what you DO want into your life - instead of what you DON'T want. 

All of this is included in the Law of Attraction Hypnosis Program:

1. Law Of Attraction Guided Hypnosis MP3 Recording

2. Mindfulness & Inner Focus - Guided Hypnosis MP3 Recording

3. Confidence & Self-Esteem - Guided Hypnosis MP3 Recording

4. Powerful Motivation - Guided Hypnosis MP3 Recording

5. Positive Affirmations - Wealth & Abundance MP3 Recording

Each Hypnosis Recording contains Guided Voice Narrative, specially created Relaxation Music, Alpha/Theta Brainwave Frequencies to calm the Mind, Visualizations and NLP Techniques.

PLUS - Bonus 1

  • 11 x Law Of Attraction Training Videos

PLUS - Bonus 2

  • E-Book - Before The Secret
  • E-Book - Law of Attraction Made Easy 
  • E-Book - Attract Wealth 
  • E-Book - Accomplishing Your True Calling 
  • E-Book - Attraction Awareness
  • E-Book - Your Desires & The Law Of Attraction
  • E-Book - Guide To Affirmations

PLUS - Bonus 3

  • The 7 Key Law of Attraction Rules Most People Don't Know
  • Personal Use Licence

Hypnosis and LOA is Backed by Science

YOU can now take the next step in reprogramming your Subconscious Mind for success by harnessing the Law Of Attraction for positive change. 

Simply follow the LOA rules and listen to the hypnoses MP3's for 21-30 consecutive days, to create new subconscious patterns. 

Please note that hundreds of hours have been invested in creating this powerful Law of Attraction Program, which would normally cost £175.00 - but in order to make it affordable and help as many people as possible - it has been subsidized - so you will only pay £47.00 when you order today. 

Never listen to hypnosis recordings while driving or operating any type of machinery. For best effects find somewhere quiet, where you won't be disturbed - and listen using stereo head phones to maximize the effect.

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£175 £47

Law of Attraction Training & Hypnosis Program

0 ratings
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