Successful Job & Career - Guided Hypnosis Program

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We all want to do the best we can in life - and being Successful in our Job & Career plays a BIG part in this. 

The power of our thoughts, feelings and our Subconscious Mind plays a powerful role in manifesting our desires - and when you are able to utilize positive hypnosis YOU will have a major advantage. 

My name is Graham J Stuart and as a clinical hypnotherapist. I have invested hundreds of hours in creating a series of powerful Hypnosis Recordings and Programmes - so that you can benefit from following the simple instructions, listen - and allow positive change to take place at a deep subconscious level. 

The Subconscious Mind 

Dr. Maxwell Malz, author of  discovered that the subconscious mind functioned like a success mechanism, consistently self-correcting thoughts and behavior to align with a set goal.

 contains 5 Powerful Hypnosis MP3's Recordings that include:

Guided Voice Narrative, Specially Recorded Relaxation Music, Alpha/Theta Holistic Brainwave Frequencies and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  Techniques to help YOU become more effective and achieve your career goals.

The powerful " can be downloaded now and includes 12 Products in Total:

  • Successful Job Interviews - Hypnosis MP3
  • Successful tests & Exams - Hypnosis MP3
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem - Hypnosis MP3
  • Powerful Motivation - Hypnosis MP3
  • Mindfulness & Inner Focus - Hypnosis MP3

Plus these 6 BONUS E-Books:

  • E- Book - Successful Career Skills
  • E-Book - 101 Self Help Tips
  • E-Book - Awaken Your True Calling
  • E-Book - The Calm Mind
  • E-Book - Purpose Driven Life
  • E-Book - You Can Do It


  • 101 Resume & CV Writing Tips
  • Personal Use Licence

The cost of this powerful package would normally be £175,00 but has been heavily subsidized to make it affordable - and allow as many people as possible to benefit. 

You can now purchase the whole  and personal use licence for just ....£37.00

Remember, Personal Development is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and the best investment you can ever make. 

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£150 £37

Successful Job & Career - Guided Hypnosis Program

0 ratings
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