Confident Presentations & Public Speaking Program

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According to research 75% of individuals suffer from fear and anxiety when it comes to Public Speaking or making a Presentation . However, many of us are required to do this at some point, either socially - or at work.

The good new is that YOU no longer have to let your fear of Public Speaking rule your life.

The powerful  contains Guided Hypnosis MP3's that have been created by Graham J Stuart, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP coach - to reprogramme your Subconscious Mind - so that you can be a confident and effective speaker.  

The Hypnosis MP3 Recordings Contain:

Guided Voice Narrative, Special Relaxation Music with Alpha/Theta Brainwave Frequencies, Visualization Techniques, NLP Techniques and much more.

These Hypnosis MP3 recordings have been tried and tested and the content is based on many successful 1-2-1 hypnotherapy client sessions.

Hypnosis - Programming - The Subconscious Mind 

Dr. Maxwell Malz, author of discovered that the subconscious mind functioned like a success mechanism, consistently self-correcting thoughts and behavior to align with a set goal.

The "Confident Presentations & Public Speaking Program" includes 12 Products and Bonuses in Total:

  • Guided Hypnosis MP3 - Confident Presentations & Public Speaking
  • Guided Hypnosis MP3 - Confidence & Self-Esteem 
  • Guided Hypnosis MP3 - Accelerated Learning 
  • Guided Hypnosis MP3 - Mindfulness & Inner Focus 

PLUS - 6 BONUS Personal Development E-Books

  • E- Book - How to Become a Successful Public Speaker
  • E-Book - Public Speaking Quick Fix
  • E-Book - Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking 
  • E-Book - Fearless You 
  • E-Book - The Calm Mind 
  • E-Book - Decide to Decide

PLUS - Additional Bonuses

  • Daily Habit Hacks 
  • 101 Self Help Tips
  • Personal Use Licence

Why is This Important To You?

Imagine what it will be like being able to deliver confident and powerful presentations and speeches whenever required. How will this enhance your career, relationships and overall confidence in life?

Special Discount Price - Limited Time Only

This powerful personal development and hypnosis program would normally cost £150.00 but it has been heavily subsidized and discounted to make it affordable - and to help as many people as possible. 

Hence, you can now access it now for just £37.00 when you order today.


Make sure you do not listen while driving or operating any type of machinery and for best effect use stereo head phones. 

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£150 £47

Confident Presentations & Public Speaking Program

0 ratings
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