Hypno-Stop Smoking Now Program

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More and more people are now looking for a holistic and affordable way to STOP SMOKING. Perhaps you have already realized that your health is suffering, that you want to make sure that you are around for your family or that you deserve to have a better quality of life. 

Using Hypnosis is a powerful, natural and holistic method that has been scientifically proven to work - and now you also have the opportunity to benefit, just as many others have done.

Independent research shows that Hypnosis for smoking cessation is highly effective and has helped many people to quit smoking, including some famous names:

Adele – The story goes that just before the release of her single “Hello,” she tried hypnosis, and quit smoking immediately.

Ewan McGregor – A heavy smoker for years, McGregor said that hypnosis made stopping feel “effortless.”.

Matt Damon – Quit smoking after being a smoker for 16 years.On The Tonight Show, Damon said it was the best choice he ever made and that “it works.”

Drew Barrymore – Barrymore was a 2 pack-a-day smoker for many years and became smoke free since using hypnosis.

Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen actually shared her smoking hypnosis session on her TV show. And she credits the therapy with helping her quit.

Ben Affleck: Ben was quoted as saying: I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don't smoke. I feel like I'm in better shape than I was five years ago

This powerful Hypno-Stop Smoking Now Programme has been created by Graham J Stuart, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Coach to help reprogramme your subconscious mind - so that YOU can stop smoking for good.

It contains powerful hypnosis recordings with guided voice narrative, specially recorded music, theta frequencies and binaural beats to enhance the experience and accelerate the process at a deep subconscious level.  

The 5 MP3 Hypnosis Recordings Include:

1. Stop-Smoking Now - Hypnosis MP3

2. Powerful Motivation - Hypnosis MP3

3. Confidence & Self-Esteem - Hypnosis MP3

4. Overcome Stress & Anxiety - Hypnosis MP3

5. Mindfulness & Inner Focus - Hypnosis MP3 

You also get 7 Additional BONUS personal Developmemt E-Books:

1. E-Book - Wellness Habits

2. E-Book - Live the Life You Know You Deserve

3. E-Book - Conquer Your Fears

4. E-Book - 101 Self-Help Tips

5. E-Book - You Can Quit Smoking 

6. E-Book - Cigarette Crusher 

7. E-Book - Breaking The Habit 


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  • Stop Smoking Now Report

The Hypno-Stop Smoking Now Programme has involved hundreds of hours of hypnotherapy work and crafting so that as many people as possible can now take the next step forward and benefit in the comfort of their own home. 

For this reason, the normal price has been dramatically subsidized and discounted to make it more affordable. Instead of paying the full price of £150.00 - you will now only pay £47.00 - when you download it today. 

Wishing you Good Health and a Happy Productive Life! 

Graham J Stuart

Clinical Hypnotherapist


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£150 £47

Hypno-Stop Smoking Now Program

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